Tristan degen feature part

Tristan Degen has been on everyone's radar in the Colorado scene for a long time. He hadn't been skating much after high school until he co-founded the shop and started coming out to film with the crew. This year brought big changes for him in skateboarding including leaving his long-time sponsor Hi5ber and Ahmyo Wheels. He decided to ride for Colorado companies Descent Longboards and Venom Skate instead to support local, with the theme of our shop.

Tristan is unbelievably talented and we're happy to have gotten him out in front of the camera more this year than he ever has before. His athleticism is evident in his skating, but cant do the justice of the raw maneuvers he puts down every time he steps on a board.

Sit back and enjoy 5 minutes of madness, and when you're done watching, GO SKATE!

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