Our Vision and Our Future

The shop was formed behind a unified vision of what support for Colorado Downhill Skateboarding, Local Athletes, and the next generation of skaters should look like. We were founded in 2018 by Eric Bourgeois, John Hamilton, and Tristan Degen.

Colorado Downhill skateboarding is unlike most other places. With world class runs, questionable pavements, a high-country mentality, and a true 'outlaw' relationship with the local law keepers, the OGs of our scene truly made a name for Colorado worldwide. They did this through their world class skating ability, along with being on the forefront of engineering some of the best products for the sport ever invented. We wanted to stay true to our roots of taking performance seriously as well as supporting the continued efforts of the companies that are based here by only featuring brands in our store that support Colorado riders. We also wanted to continue to push the limits of what is possible and show the world what we do.

Having grown in the scene as athletes themselves, Tristan Degen and Eric Bourgeois understood the hardships of an athlete looking to develop and bring their skills into the mainstream of the sport and outside of their hometown. In the making of the shop we wanted to focus on the support we give local athletes, so they can afford to continue to push the limits of what they can do on their favorite design of gear, and in whatever place they want. We tried to create a structure for local riders to develop in. To allow them control their destiny in whatever path of athleticism they want to take, whether it be racing or freeride, and provide the support they need to branch out. 

The education of the next generation of Colorado downhill skateboarders is of the highest importance to us. We want to teach them the techniques, the etiquette, and lessons that we and those who came before us have learned. We do this by holding Slide Clinics often at an easy hill where it is possible to learn the techniques safely, to prepare people for bigger and faster roads and races. We also try to hold outlaw races and slide jams, and sponsor local sanctioned events.

At the time of writing this we are just getting started, but want to commit to the vision we were founded on in order to create something that lasts for Colorado Downhill skateboarding. We want to leave behind something that can survive the industry ups and downs and continue to provide support for local brands, athletes, and content creators, and we hope that you support us in this endeavor.

Eric Bourgeois, Founder of Boujee Boardshop